5 Data Recovery Tips

5 Data Recovery Tips

1. Consider the company’s reputation

This is a very important factor that many people usually overlook. Problems associated portable memory cards and hard drive needs to be handled by an expert who clearly understands how they work and how to effectively repair damaged hard drive.

Unfortunately, most people usually decide to take a short cut and go the DIY route using online software that promises to give quality results but in the end, they make things worse leaving them even more frustrated. If your hard drive or portable memory card has a problem, it is very important to hire a reputable firm that excellent online reviews and testimonials. This way, you can be sure that your hard drive will be on safe hands because you have hired the services of accompany that has skilled and experienced personnel and who use the latest technology to open your hard drive to safely extract lost information.

2. Check if the company is certified

Although being certified is not a guarantee that you have
hired a competent company, it clearly indicates that the company has adhered
best practices that governs the industry. Before you make your final decision
when choosing a particular company, the company must present their certification
to prove to you that they have what it takes to handle your hard drive professionally
and retrieve information needed. Certification is a very important document
that proves that the company is reliable and trustworthy. Considering the fact
the company with be handling very sensitive personal information or medical
data, it is very important to consider if the company is certified before you
hire their services.

3. Check to see if the provide can handle SSDs

Retrieving data from traditional laptop hard drive is not
complex. All that you need to do is to remove the casing screws, increase the
board and you are good to go. However, although the process is simple, doing it
yourself is still very dangerous. You will most likely suffer from accidental damage
or static electricity. However, if you hire an expert to handle the hard drive,
he/she will safely retrieve the lost data. Modern SSD drive are much complex to
handle because they are thin. In fact, unscrewing the hard drive case to access
the hard drive is almost next to impossible. In addition to that, modern SSD
have been mounted permanently to the board. This makes the matter complicated especially
for someone who has no prior experience in handling such drives. When you
searching for a company to retrieve data from your damaged hard drive, make
sure that the company has experience in handling modern SSD hard drives.

4. Confirm if the company can handle multiple problems

Data can be corrupted in multiple ways. As a result, you
need to hire a company that has technical expertise to handle multiple hard drive
problems. For instance, the approach that the company will take in handing a water
logged camera is actually different from the approach that they will take when
dealing with a laptop that is corrupted. Before you make your final decision on
hiring a particular company, it is crucial to check if their have prior experience
in handling multiple hard drives problem such as those affected by fire, water and
heat, damage physical breakage and power supply issues.

5. Consider the quality of service that the company renders
to its clients.

Take your time are read online reviews and testimonial to
know what current and previous clients are saying about quality of service that
the company offers to its customers. It is recommended that you hire the services
of a company that communicates openly to its clients even if the result is not
that good. The company should have a customer care department that replies to customer
queries on time. The company will be handling very sensitive data. It is therefore
very important to ensure that you choose a company that values its clients and handles
every project with care.

In conclusion, nobody wants to lose important data from
their hard drive. However, the truth is that accident are bound to happen. If
you happen to damage your hard drive, it is recommend that you use the above mentioned
tips to hire a competent and reputable company that can address the problem promptly
to give you satisfactory solutions.

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