How We Started

ITC was formed in 1998 to supply PC based systems to both the business world and the end user market. This was possible at very competitive prices through its close links with manufacturers, Packard Bell, Panther, Blue Ridge, and Elementary Computers.

In September 2001 with the demise of Reflex Electronics (The Acorn Support Centre), an opportunity arose to fill the void left, whereupon ITC bought the Acorn Spares stock held by Reflex. In addition, ITC can continue a repair service to the Acorn population by contracting the ex-Reflex Electronics engineers.

The Acorn side of the business is managed by Conor Randall who is also responsible for the development of the business in other consumer electronic sales.

ITC is one of the most reputed laptop repair service providers in London. We offer repairing services to both home and business users.

How We Work

No matter what problem you are facing, our team of talented experts will be able to help you out. In most cases, we will solve your issues via remote access. However, in case that is not possible, one of our experts will come to your home. Apart from London, we also offer our services around M25.

As mentioned before, our experts will personally come to your house and solve the issue there only. However, in case the issue is severe and will take time to get solved, then we will take your Laptop along with us and return it back to you as soon as possible. We don’t charge anything extra for delivery or pickup.

In order to keep things simple, we offer flexible rates. Apart from fixed rates, we also offer hourly rates. We also have some repairing packages. We can assure you that our talented team of engineers will make your PC as good as a new one. We will also provide you with some laptop maintenance tips so that in the future, there is no such issue.

How We Can Help You

If a virus somehow gets into your Laptop or PC, then it will make the entire system slow. And in severe cases, your Operating Software can also get damaged. In case there is some issue with your PC but you can’t figure out the exact reason of the problem, then we will find out the root cause of the problem. In case your PC is infected with virus, then you will experience some common problems like slow performance, freezing and your OS will crash down frequently. If you are suffering from any of these, just give a call to ITC.

There are some dangerous virus like Spyware which can steal your confidential information like your bank account details and leak them to the person who infected your PC. In order to avoid such situations, you should frequently scan your computer with a reputed anti virus software. And don’t forget to update your software. If you feel that your PC is infected, then you should act immediately. If your private information falls into the wrong hands, then you will be in deep trouble. We offer our services 24×7. Whenever you feel that something is wrong with your PC, you can contact us.