The best tools for learning in iOS

The best tools for learning in iOS

The most in demand skill in the digital revolution is the ability to code. Being able to code various programs is a crucial skill as much of the platforms and even machines depend on programmed software. Previously, this skill was only available for people who could access formal education and even then only those who were exposed to technical training. Fortunately, thinks have changed so much that everyone can now access the requisite training by using resources available online.

Every element and level of programming can be learnt online. The knowledge of and information required to master programming has been broken down extensively to enable people of various ability to begin learning coding. Steps have been taken to make the information readily available through the use of mobile applications. This is an overview of some of the best iOs apps for learning to code.



This is an all-in-one tools that offers learners the training to create websites. It has a number of features including a simple basic outline but comprehensive content to take the learner from the first steps of website coding to the advanced elements about website programming. The lessons are offered in smaller portions with each step leading to the other for easy understanding and retention of the subject matter. Learning to code a website is one of the building blocks for mastering website programing. It also comes with a series of evaluation tests for the leaner to gauge his or her skills and boost comprehension. The all in one tool provides the learning material, an interface that enables coding and after one has mastered the skills, it is possible to create a real website straight from the website. Because of this all-in-one aspect, the broad coverage of website programming fundamentals including the various styles and the ease of use make this one of the most popular mobile programming apps.

Khan Academy
Khan Academy is a reputable online institution which has earned its name for providing a wide range of learning materials for the students. The materials can be used both by people engaged in formal learning, professionals and self-learning individuals. A good portion of the resources in this academy covers coding. It is a treasure for anyone looking to learn coding or advance their skillset to cover other areas of programming. The academy teaches programming using videos and these are well structured to a series of segments to aid learning. Videos make the lessons more interactive and easier to follow and refer later. You can record or download them and use them offline in any location. The academy employs the best instructors and covers a wide range of programming languages making it one of the most comprehensive apps you can find in the store.

Learn to Code with Python
Geektastic python coding challenges can teach you coding in one of the most demanding programming languages. Python is a popular coding language due to the opportunities it presents a programmer with to create a myriad of applications. Learn to Code provides you an opportunity to learn this language right from the phone covering all the fundamentals and also enabling you to code straight from the phone. This eliminates the need for downloading additional software. The app has challenges in game form and with each new skill and achievement, the learner earns a badge. Further there are challenges, levels and points earned with experience that comes from participating in the various challenges. The app also avails a community of python coders to the learner. This allows sharing of information and tips within a group of like-minded individuals.

Swiftly is a new standard for iOS apps. This makes it interesting for coding enthusiast to be able to create iOS apps from their phones. This is exactly what Swiftly offers and more. The app uses tutorials to teach experts and beginners how to develop apps for iOS. It is an app that incorporates challenges like most popular apps to measure progress and skills acquired. It also makes use of other motivational approaches like earning achievements after completing different milestones. It also has rewards for streaks which are designed to encourage consistency in taking the lessons to maintain the streak. This is the ideal app for anyone looking for a comprehensive guide for developing iOS apps.

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