Data protection guidelines

Data protection guidelines

The previous years have witnessed a rise in cybersecurity cases. This has been contributed by lack of strict data security guidelines. However, in the last two months, a considerable remedy was arrived at. These strict regulations increased data security to a great extent. For that reason, every company was expected to adhere to these new rules. Failure to do that results in several penalties.

Cybersecurity is still a matter of concern to many organizations. Companies still believe their confidential data can be accessed by anybody. In fact, the new data security regulations haven’t succeeded in changing their mindset. A recent research from Gemalto involving 1,050 IT professionals and 1,050 consumers had worrying results. It confirmed that businesses vary in their capability to analyze the collected data. Whereby 65% of the companies admitted not having efficient systems to analyze data. This confirms that these companies are not mindful of their data.

Such a revelation states that most companies don’t value their data. This is why they do not give it the seriousness it deserves. In return, it has left many companies with no efficient data control systems. Therefore, exposing the important information to the ever-ready hackers. Hackers who are ever interested in carrying out mean activities online. They will not hesitate to hack into the company’s data storage systems. Once they get hold of your confidential data they can’t wait to manipulate it. Usually, the manipulation is aimed at denting the company’s reputation. These hackers have in most cases succeeded in carrying out that dubious act. The manipulated data is then offered to the general public. Since it is usually negative, your company’s reputation gets corrupted.

Lack of confidence

Unfortunately, only a third of IT professionals have trust in perimeter security. The rest still believe that the firm’s confidential data can be accessed by unwarranted individuals. Surprisingly some companies have no slightest idea of where their data gets stored. Those who are aware do not follow the data protection guidelines such as GDPR. Therefore, this provides a perfect chance for hackers to set in.

The lack of confidence in these GDPR has resulted in some dire consequences. There has been more data perimeter security breaching especially last year. The companies affected had only 10% of their data was encrypted. The rest had their confidential information exposed to unprohibited people.

Crucial steps for Strong data security

Data security should be a priority for any organization. It ensures that no data manipulation takes place. Which in return helps in preserving the company’s reputation. That is why companies have to pay attention to data protection. In fact, the company can have data protection officers to assist in this process.

Proper data analysis needs to be conducted always. It assists the company leadership to make sober decisions. Those decisions go a long way in increasing the company’s competitiveness.


The aftermath of data manipulation is not something to smile about. It greatly spoils a company’s reputation. Hence, every mindful company has to have efficient data storage systems. Those secure storage systems can help in keeping hackers at bay. While these measures are in place, strict adherence has to be accorded to GPDR.

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