For how long a missing or a deleted document stays on my hard disk?

Time is not defined. A file which has been deleted will stay in the drive till the drive runs out of space and more space is needed. After removed file is taken over by new data it means the deleted file is permanently demolished. If your data has been lost you should try to decrease your computer usage till recovery.

Time needed to pull through a drive which has been formatted?

less than two hours are required for drive recovery. Stopping recovery efforts can save up time. Seldom whole drive requires to be scanned for lost data. click 0 for help.

Will ‘Recover my files’ retrieve my data?

Earlier you try to recover your data chances are higher for recovery (If you use the problematic drive, the chances increases. The risk arises that new data will be written over the deleted one completely destroying it). Formatting your drive by accident or if you have lost your drive letter, and you are sure that you have not entered any new data, full hundred percent recovery is guaranteed . if you have reinstalled or formatted windows but used it little, you might ge between 90 to 100% recovery back.

Does clicking on Recover my files will result in recovering of original files and folder forms?

Of course. The mechanism of it is specially made in such a way that it will find your deleted file and folder form exactly as you left it. In case your folder form is lost you can still search them as lost files by individually looking for them on your drive.

How I will be sure that by clicking Recover My Files, it will actually find my lost data?

First go to evaluation mode then you should download and then run the Recover My Files. Carefully scan through the results searched after which you should click on the desired file to view their subjects. If file is readable and images are clear then that means your recovery process has been completed successfully and now you can buy the key, put it into the file and keep your document in some other place.

Do I have to look for the lost files in a specific file or should I look for the whole drive?

While looking for lost documents in the whole drive it is a very fast procedure. Recover My Files scans through the file index of all documents saved in a drive under one minute. First you should Run a Recover files search, then go to Deleted Files (this is suggested) after this go through the deleted view to view just the deleted documents. You can also change to a folder outlook and look into the particular file. In case you are unable to find the document then you should try to do Recover Files search specially designed for the lost and deleted files (this is a comparatively time consuming search)

Clicking noise is coming from my drive.

This sign of drive failure physically. If you continue using the drive in the condition it will cause further damage to your drive which will result in loss of data. It should be powered off and help should be taken from some data maintained provider.