Data scientists need to collect and analyze all kinds of data, and that process can be time-consuming and difficult. However, by using a no-code data modeling platform, data scientists can build, modify, and share data models without writing code. In this post, we’ll show you a few no-code modeling platforms to help you collect, manage, and analyze data more efficiently.

Obviously AI

This tool was built for people without any technical knowledge. It helps present data graphically as well as make predictions. It takes only a minute for the software to organize and present your data.

The software has a rather simple interface. On the interface, you will need to upload a Comma-separated values (CSV) file. To create a CSV file, you only need to click on the Save As button and select CSV when using Microsoft Excel. After uploading the CSV file, you will then be presented with a prediction column that you will then select. Once selected, the AI will be built by the no-code AI builder automatically. After that, you will get a detailed report on predictions and hypothetical situations. You can use the tool to collect data on anything from football results, school examination performances to annual sales of books.

Google ML Kit

This mobile software can be downloaded for iOS and Android phones. It is a recognition and annotation tool that recognizes different data objects. The tool has different features that work offline, online, and both. Some of the features include image labeling, face detection, barcode scanning, translation, and language identification, and so on.

Since we cannot detail every feature, let us pick face detection. The face detection feature is used to recognize facial features as well as track hidden facial expressions. If you have a picture of someone’s smile, the software will annotate the image through data visualizations. Each body part on the face will be marked with varying colors. Each color conveys different meanings such as deceit, sadness, joy, and so on. The colors will be tabulated below the image for your analytics.

Teachable Machine

Just like its name would suggest, you can train your computer to recognize sounds, poses and images. It is thus a web-based tool used to create learning models and making them accessible to any user. Since you do not type any code, your actions or gestures in front of your computer’s webcam are essentially codes. You can either record a video or image or upload one that you saved on your computer.

For instance, you may want the software to distinguish between an apple and a banana. All you will need to do is record the fruits with your webcam. After you upload your recorded file, the software will be able to name the fruits you recorded. Other models you can use include actions such as running, walking, talking, and so on. Its image recognition function is powered by a neural network.

Runway AI

Creators who edit videos or images find this tool very useful. The software comes equipped with filtering, a green screen, and many more. This tool allows you to expand your creativity, especially as an aspiring movie maker.

For example, animation has been evolving for a very long time. You can now create a 3D animation of yourself. This tool saves you the cost of hiring capture equipment. The software uses a neural network in your footage which instantly creates models of you. The model is then exported for animation.

The software can also be used to edit out objects from a video or image. From the platform, you will simply need to zoom in on the image you do not want and paint over it. Another easier way is also passing the unwanted object through a segmentation model.

No-Code Data Modeling Final Thoughts

There are endless no-code data modeling tools on the internet that you can download. Most of these programs identified here can be found by googling them and you will get a link for each. Even though these AI tools are easy to use, they have their drawbacks. For instance, they are rigid so you lack the freedom to create codes of your choice.

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