Informative And Enlightening Tech Tips For Travellers

Informative And Enlightening Tech Tips For Travellers

While travelling both domestically and internationally there are some tech tips you should always keep in mind. These tips will effectively help you be able to enhance your safety and the safety of your personal information. Below are some of the primary recommendations to keep on mind while travelling both domestically and internationally.

1. Always make sure that you are aware of your surrounding when entering your password, username or any other data into the device you are using. This is because there might be someone who is closely monitoring what you are doing with an intention of stealing your data or credentials.

2. You should make sure that the passwords you use on your devices are strong enough. You should have passwords that have more than eight characters combining numeric, special characters and alpha. This will be harder for anyone to know the passwords you are using.

3. It is paramount to make sure that that the password lock feature on your devices is on. This is helpful because it ensures that no one else can enter your password on the devices you are using.

4. You should also configure the auto lock settings which are meant to lock the devices you are using after a few minutes of inactivity. This means that it will require a pass code to unlock the devices and as a result even if someone else comes across your devices he or she will not be able to use them.

5. It is helpful to remove any confidential and sensitive data from your devices before you travel. You can easily move this data to your Office 365 OneDrive account where you will have the freedom to access it any time you want.

6. The most effective and only way of ensuring your security while travelling is using our Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access your data while you travel. This is facilitated by the fact that the data is stored in cloud or in network drives.

7. Ensure that you have ample protection while using both wireless and wired networks. Since there is free Wi-Fi in many public places the information shared between your devices and the networks can be accessed by the wrong people.

8. You should also use a computer cable lock or a room safe if it is available. This is because if you leave your computer unattended a thief might get into the room and compromise your devices.

9. Avoid using unknown storage devices to your computer. This is because such devices can easily transmit malicious software to your devices. You should also avoid using public charging stations for they can transfer harmful malware to the devices you are using.

10. Avoid updating your software while travelling. This is even recommended by FBI where people should not update their software while travelling. If it is necessary to update your software you should get updates directly from the software vendors. The most ideal way of checking the vendors is though going through the author or digital certificates of the vendors. You should also ensure that you get all the updates before you travel.

11. To avoid being tracked you should disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your devices. You should only turn them on when you are using them for by keeping them on it becomes easier to track the devices that you are using.

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