Unleashing the Power of Monday.com Dashboards for Better Insights and Results

Unleashing the Power of Monday.com Dashboards for Better Insights and Results

Project management is part science and part art; having good project management software will allow you to stay focused on the creative aspects, rather than wasting time on boring repetitive tasks. The most popular and widespread project management tool out there is Monday.com, and it’s as easy to use as it is robust and versatile.

Here, we’ll provide a brief Monday.com review that will allow you to decide if this is a resource management solution worth trying. Since this mobile app is browser-based and offers a free version, you may want to just go ahead and register your free Monday.com account, so you can have a look around at all the available options and decide if this is the right project management tool for you.

What Makes Monday.com Unique?

There are three key aspects that make this app blow all Monday.com alternatives out of the water: it’s robust, flexible, and streamlined. You will be able to figure out how to use all its functions in a couple of hours. It will cater for all your key responsibilities as a project manager while simplifying your life a little bit.

Since Monday.com is browser-based, that makes it better than a mobile app – since you can access your account from just about any device that is able to access the Internet.

From task management to resource management, you will find it very practical to organize your workflows by relying on the project management tools included in this app. You can set up any workflow in a matter of minutes by retrieving data from the leading office productivity tools.

You can set things up so that you can directly reach out to your collaborators through the user interface. This means you will be able to overview all your project management data from a monday com dashboards. You can also reach out to all your collaborators from there, as well as set up various permission levels to control who gets to see which information.

If you’re familiar with other project management tools such as Jira work management, you won’t have any issues getting started with Monday.com. Modern project management software may offer added simplicity while still offering all of the features you expect.

This includes front-end as well as back-end functionalities, meaning it can also be used to handle customer support. But you’ll be hard-pressed to find any useful feature that isn’t included in this app, especially when you start looking at the more expensive subscription plans.

For example, when it comes to putting together Gantt charts you will find that the tools available here are extremely intuitive and practical to use. The functionality of these products is also not compromised.

In addition to bridging the gap between your software applications and your collaborators, Gantt charts are especially useful when they have dynamically linked data. The most important feature of any Monday.com account is this.

“If it’s really that robust, it must be very expensive,” you must be thinking. The truth of the matter is that it isn’t necessarily so, since there are different plans available for you to choose from and switch between as needed.

How Much Does Monday.com Cost?

There are a total of five plans available from Monday.com. You can try any one of these for free without the need to even submit your credit card info. The only exception is the Enterprise plan. This is because it is meant for larger organizations and revolves around custom features that don’t even come with a set fee. Instead, they need to be sorted through by a personal assistant.

If you’re considering that plan, it’s better to just reach out to them for some personalized support.

The remaining four plans include the Individual plan, which is void of any cost and is just meant as a sort of bare-bones introduction to the service, which is still probably sufficient for individuals who are looking to better organize their own workflow. This plan only allows two seats, whereas the other three plans offer three by default.

There’s also the Basic plan, which costs €24 per month. This plan includes the essential features along with prioritized customer support, some storage space, and the ability to create a custom dashboard. The standard plan costs €30 / month and adds calendar view, automation, integration, and added views (timeline & Gantt).

The Pro plan is priced at €48 / month and adds time tracking, private boards and docs, cart view, and added columns (formula and dependency) along with a much higher cap on automation (allowing for as many as 25,000 actions monthly). All of these plans are billed annually.

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